There is something beautiful about the dark and mysterious, and photographer Karolina Ryvolova has gotten to be somewhat of an expert in that style. Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, this artist describes her mantra as “photography can turn dreams into reality.”

As such, her images feature gorgeous fellow Czech women as portraits of what seems only dreamlike: haunting images mixing nature and its beauty with inspiration from myths and legends. “I (have) … passion for beauty and nature. Luckily, our country is full of both,” she describes. “I’m often inspired by myths and legends and try to put pieces of them into my photos.”

The result is beyond stunning. Because the 27-year-old is based from a country dubbed as the Land of Stories, it should come as no surprise that the supernatural vibe of her creations are just that – out of this world. Her equally daring models brave the Bor forest, a place where folklore say that restless souls roam and locals dubbed as entrance to hell.

In no way are these pictures super dark, but there is definitely a touch of the paranormal in them. Check out these select images from her ever-growing portfolio and see for yourself:







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If you want to stay updated with Karolina’s work, visit her Facebook or 500px pages. Thanks for reading!