I found out about this “house” that’s slowly melting to the ground right across the Atlantic. British artist and designer Alex Chinneck has done it again, previously stirring some buzz online because of his outrageous outdoor installations in England, most notably his melted facade of an apartment building in Margate and an inverted building in London.

Most recently, Alex created this life-sized two-story house sculpture out of 8,000 bricks. What makes this installation so special? Other than it being created as part of the MERGE Festival, this creepy house is all made of wax that is now slowly melting as time passes.

MERGE kicked off September 18th, so it’s been about a month and a half since the sculpture has been dripping ever so slowly. The piece, called “A Pound of Flesh for 50p,” started off having the appearance of a pretty and sturdy house but evolved into its current warped form.

Alex has also been speeding up the melting time using heating tools. By the time MERGE Festival ends, the sculpture he painstakingly created will be nothing but a mound of wax. Here’s a drawing of how the British-born artist imagines the project will end:


And here’s a behind-the-scenes look:

Take a look at what it currently looks like:








Check out Alex’s website to see his other current projects. Thanks for reading!