Fashion illustrations by Shamekh Bluwi are some of the most interesting we’ve seen in a while, as the artist uses textures from his environment to complete his paper cut outs. Shamekh is a fashion illustrator and architect based in Amman, Jordan.

Combining two of his passions, he uses the negative space in his cutouts as a blank canvas for patterns he sees in his surroundings. Shamekh is now taking the fashion world by storm, but as mentioned his background isn’t really from that industry.

In an interview with Bobolink, he recalled his beginnings in the art world. “I studied Architecture in college and it helped me get exposed to both arts and many technical aspects such as aesthetics of the Human body measurements. It also made me realize how much I love contradictions and that’s something I regularly apply within my artwork.”

When asked how to describe his style, he would say it has “contradictions and textures,” and stating that he prefers digital over traditional because it would allow him to dive into much more detail than normal.

Shamekh’s mix of architecture and fashion not only make for beautiful and interesting drawings, but the signature style he has going on is also very inspirational. You can hold up the same sketch against a different background and achieve a new and interesting result each time! We think it’s pretty rad and that it could be a great tool for finding more inspiration, fashion or otherwise.







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You can see more of the artist’s sketches and other updates via his Facebook page or Instagram account.

Some quotes were taken from his interview with Bobolink. Photo of artist is from Bored Panda. All artworks are owned by Shamekh Bluwi.

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