An Instagrammer has recently been featured on the IG blog, and with good reason. Carlo Giardina, a.k.a. @finnanofenno, is a 23-year-old photographer and artist whose IG account seems to be focused on creating social awareness in a different light.

“I want to let people think about social problems in a colorful and funny way,” said the freelancer and student during his interview. Based in Milan and Syracuse in Italy, the artist combines photos he took (or photos of others, yes he is open to collaboration!) with finger doodles using an iPhone app.

Sounds simple enough? His eclectic drawings combined with photos of various vehicles speak a thousand words, as they take a closer look at the issue of urban pollution, specifically the air.

“Each photo has a meaning,” he explained. “I’m really attached to them. For the green Volkswagen (featured above) I just wanted to match the car and the house and tell something about pollution in a funny and maybe grotesque way using simple things like holes, circles and color.”

Take a look at a handful of his completed creations and see for yourself what the IG community has been raging on about:










Check out his IG account for more. Thanks for reading!

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