Street art remains to this day one of the most controversial ways of expressing opinions and provoking peoples’ thoughts. Banksy, in true Banksy nature, basically sneaked into Gaza to paint a series of murals that touch on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The anonymous yet undoubtedly famous yet mysterious artist even released a mock tourism video, giving viewers and fans glimpses of how he sneaked into Gaza using tunnels to get in those odd locations. It also includes a bit of interview segments with locals.

Banksy’s Gaza series, along with the video, and his website, all focus on the suffering the people of Gaza are enduring at the moment. The artist also expresses his frustration about how others seem to be apathetic about the whole situation.

There’s definitely a lot of controversy that will arise from Banksy’s stance – in fact you may or may not agree with him even if you’re a huge fan of his work. This is probably the reason for his fame despite the anonymity – he lets his painted “pictures” become worth more than a thousand words.

Here are the pictures of his latest series:







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You can find more of Banksy’s work at his website.

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