I’d like to talk about this really cool art fair I just learned about, which is at the other side of the globe, in Manila, Philippines. The Contemporary Art Fair 2014 was held just last week, from February 20 to 23 at The Link Carpark in Makati City, Metro Manila. It’s full of artsy goodness from the top painters, sculptors, and other modern artists from all over their country.

Trickie Lopa, one of the event organizers, is very proud of how art is not only present but also integral in the Filipino lifestyle. She says the country has a natural inclination towards different kinds of arts. “Filipinos are creative by nature. It’s in our blood,” she said in an interview.

Only in its second year, I can see why this art fair is already a success. With very affordable tickets (Php 150 or about $3 US per head, and only Php 50 or about $1 US for students), the event is very accessible to everyone. I even heard that students from that area can get in for free if they flash their student cards.

I love that the event is less about the sale of pieces, and more of actual appreciation of the beauty and emotions artists want to show us. If I get to the Philippines someday, I’d love to check out this event!

Here are some of the coolest artworks I’ve seen from the art fair so far:






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