In celebration of Chinese New Year 2016 today to welcome the Year of the Monkey, London is hosting for the first time ever the Magic Lantern Festival. Held in Chiswick House Gardens, the collective houses 50 hand-sculpted lanterns.

There are about 58,000 bulbs used throughout the gigantic illuminated displays, which includes a 66-meter-long dragon! What a sight for sore eyes for those residing and visiting London this month. The sculptures are already pretty to look at during day time, but they’re brought to life in stunning surrealism during the night.

Designed by David Lee and Ian Xiang of Weli Creative, the festival selected London for the month-long light display because of the city’s “status as the multicultural centre of the Western world.”

“And we selected an iconic venue for this iconic event, providing a unique cultural experience and marking the 15th day of the lunisolar year’s first month and the last day of the Lunar New Year celebration,” they said in the press release.

Here are more breathtaking images:







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The Magical Lantern Festival is open at Chiswick House Gardens since February 3rd and will last until March 6th this year. For tickets and additional info, visit their website. They also have a Facebook, plus additional videos on their Youtube.

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Images by Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed and Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images.

h/t: Buzzfeed