If you’ve been a visitor of this site for some time, you’ll know how much TAE loves street art and how often it takes center stage in some of the blogs. This is the reason I’m so excited to share with you a recent discovery – Google (yes, the web moguls!) created a street art project that will document and even preserve street art from around the world.

This is such great news because as we know, street art often has a transient nature. Especially in places where street art is looked down upon, many people’s works get painted over or destroyed. Sometimes, nature takes its toll on them as well, so what better way to let the thought-provoking pieces live on than on the Internet?

So not too long ago, Google finally launched the initiative as inspired by their already famous Street View panoramic customized camera. Their lenses now not only focus on making us feel as if we’re on the streets of certain places worldwide, but now we have access to over 5,000 high-res images! These aren’t limited to current street art, but also those pieces of work that sadly, no longer exist.

As an extension of Google’s Art Project (where you can “walk inside” museums) where there are nearly 70,000 artworks, this initiative has somewhat the same feel. There are collections of art in various cities such as Lisbon, Bogota, and Manila, as well as places where paintings have been white-washed such as the 5 Pointz area in New York. Another cool feature is “walking into” the space such as that of the nine-floor Tour Paris 13.

Here are just a few examples of what you might see:








There are more pictures from the Wall Street Journal’s gallery, but you can check out Google’s actual street art website as well so see things for yourself. Thanks for reading!