There are a LOT of creative artists online today, and it’s easy to miss out on some of them. We at TAE are always on the lookout, especially on Instagram, and we found the gem that is Karina Olen not too long ago.

Karina is a freelance illustrator and designer hailing from Central Coast, New South Wales in Australia. The Graphic Design student majors in Illustrative Drawings at the Grenadi School of Design works using a wide variety of mediums. Using pen and ink, pencil, and paint, Karina draws anything and everything inspired by nature, fashion, colors, music, and people.

She got my attention with her amazing rendition of Leonardo Dicaprio, as well as her illustration of triple-threat musician/actor/model Jared Leto. Most recently, she was contacted by DOLLY Magazine to create something inspired by the film Insurgent – now the final product is to be released as a poster (see below).


How cool is that? It’s one of the best things to happen to a creative, in our opinion, to get such a magnitude of exposure doing something we all love. Here are some of Karina’s other works; see if you can identify who these people are. Don’t think she’s limited to faces of celebs though, as she does astounding works on animals and other beautiful things too!






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Like Karina’s Facebook page for more, or visit her online shop to buy her art. Follow her on Instagram too!

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