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i’ve got banksy fever and so does nyc

After years of waiting, the time has finally arrived! Banksy, one of my favorite street artists of all time, is back in the States stirring up controversy on the streets of New York City. Its interesting to see how some react to his clever and well thought out artistic stunts. Most people love them for the artistic value, but there are still those who think his art is an act of defacing public property. His month long stay has become a street art scavenger hunt and possibly the coolest marketing scheme I have ever seen! Involve the biggest metropolitan city in the U.S. and make it so everyone can…

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presenting space-sna

TAE is excited to introduce and take part in organizing SPACE-SNA. My friend Christopher Konecki, the same guy who brought you Warehouse 1425, is the founder and curator of this one night event in Santa Ana, CA. I will be there through the process with all the artists and to enjoy SPACE-SNA opening on September 7th. No rules will restrict the artists’ creativity. No agenda will bind them. This is an artist driven project that breaks away from the confines of the traditional gallery structure.

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Street Art

daleast is currently a human being and painting walls worldwide.

In DALeast’s bio he describes himself as “currently a human being”. To me he is more than just an “average joe”. He is an incredibly talented street artist who’s style is unique, innovative, and in fact is influencing a change in today’s Street Art Culture. DALeast travels around using the world as his canvas. Some of his most recent 2013 works have been seen in London UK, Tronto Italy, Vienna Austria, Bristol UK, Honolulu Hawaii, and San Fransisco California.

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Street Art

History of Banksy – A Visual Timeline

Are any of you fans of Banksy’s art? In 2005 I was introduced to Banksy’s controversially creative London art installations and was hooked. Not long after, Banksy became famous enough to publish a coffee table book to be sold in Urban Outfitters. Today, his paintings are available for purchase in some of the finest art galleries around the world and most selling for about £5000.00. To learn all about the extensive History of Banksy, scroll through this visual timeline and let the art do the rest…

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