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a modern webshop with solid branding and package design

One thing that all my readers must know is that I am a packaging nut. As nerdy as it sounds, I have a weakness for creative package design, greeting cards, custom wrapping papers, and pretty much any custom printed creation. Most of my posts on TAE cover street art, photography, or mixed mediums so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to blog about an amazingly solid branding and packaging…

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Graphic Design

a behind the scenes look at johnnie walker mid autumn festival packaging and ad design

When thinking of the words Art Direction, what comes to mind? For me, this video is an inspiring example of true creative Art Direction from start to finish. Shotopop, a creative agency in London was hired to create the Johnnie Walker 2013 Mid Autumn Festival Campaign for the Chinese market. This included a set of Key Visuals, special edition packaging for the Black and Gold Label bottles, and a special edition Blue Bottle design. The whole shebang, really. This years visuals would be loosely focussed around the legend of the Immortal Tree on the moon, Wu Gang, and the Jade Rabbit.

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Sasha Prood Food and wine
Graphic Design

Impressive Hand Rendered Type and Illustrations from NYC

This organic themed designer pushes the boundaries for each project with hand rendered lettering, original illustrations, and unique pattern design. Her mediums of choice are graphite, ink and or watercolor paint. Sasha Prood has been published through collaboration with a variety of clients including HarperCollins, Bon Appétit Magazine, J.Crew, Txikito and Draftfcb. Here are some of her samples that captivated TAE!

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