Living true to his screen name, “eggdoodler” from DeviantArt is an artist who carves amazingly detailed sculptures onto egg shells. Ostrich and emu eggs are large enough to carve out of, but still as delicate as any other egg shells out there.

His most recent work “Africa” shows three gorgeously carved animals on an ostrich egg, namely an elephant, rhinoceros, and giraffe, all of which can be seen in the continent the piece was named after. It’s not just the animals he carved, too, but an entire safari scene, complete with trees, grass, and even the most miniscule of details in each.

The amount of detail he has put into them is ridiculous. It definitely involves having a steady hand and plenty of patience, on top of the innate talent eggdoodler obviously has. Using diamond and carbide bits to create the textures and shapes he needs, this obscure artist does every detail over his, well…doodles. He then uses a carbide “needle” to add the extra and final details.

Eggdoodler says the egg shells were altered with a lot (and we do mean a LOT) of “slow, tiny, gentle cuts,” thus taking him about a thousand hours to finish Africa. He also has a bunch of others carved on ostrich or emu eggs, the latter of which often get converted into night lights.










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