Beakerhead is a yearly, five-day-long arts event filled up with astonishing works of art and street installations, along with many thought-provoking and inspirational talks. Our neighbors up north sure know how to celebrate, as these events are spread throughout Calgary. It only may have started last year, but this is one festival to look forward to for many years to come.

The art event always happens in mid-September, and this year the event started Wednesday the 10th until Sunday the 14th. While I wasn’t able to attend, the pictures I’ve seen online seemingly transport me there (and I hope they do the same to you). Everything looks spectacular, colorful, and larger than life. I guess you can say they really take the phrase “go big or go home” very seriously.

Some of our local artists made it to the festival, as the Californian duo of Jerry Kunkel and Duane Flatmo created the two-story figure El Pulpo Mecanico. It’s a huge mechanical octopus, complete with fire-breathing tentacles and all. The best part? It’s made mostly out of used and recycled scraps from their local junk yard.


In essence, Beakerhead successfully combines engineering, science, and art – many would normally confine those to a classroom, but this festival proves otherwise. Take a look at the other installations that can be seen throughout:









I’d love to visit Calgary this time next year to see this all first-hand! You can visit the Beakerhead website for more information.

Thanks for reading!

Picture credits go to Denise Kitagawa, Pixels and Photons Creative, Eugene Kim/My Modern Met, Neil Zeller Photography, Gemma Wallace, Kelly Hofer studios + David Suggitt, Chris Malloy Photography, and Denis Semenov.