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It has been a while since we featured some amazing photographers here on TAE. Right now we want to show some of photographer and journalist Amos Chapple’s best aerial drone shots taken using a quad-copter – these photos are absolutely breathtaking, and it gives us a bird’s eye view of some of the world’s most famous landmarks.

Sadly, the use of drones now falls under many laws that limit or ban their use. However, there was a time when you could fly a camera anywhere your heart desired. “These are the results of two years travel with a quad-copter in my backpack,” Amos tells.

“From the Taj Mahal to the Kremlin, I photographed many of the world’s most famous landmarks — from angles that we’ve never seen before, and that today, would be totally illegal,” he continues.

He would manually control the drone he owned in order to take gorgeous aerial shots whenever he travels the globe (which is pretty much what he does most of the time). “For the past few months I’ve been doing as much aerial work as weather and local laws allow,” he describes of his two-year stint using his beloved drone.

“There was a window of about 18 months where it was possible to fly these things anywhere and people were excited to see it. I’m glad I made use of that time,” he tells. “The window is now pretty well closed for drone photography in many of these sites.”

Hailing from New Zealand, the photographer’s main aim is to generate positive reactions from people who see his photos. With majority of news features focusing on what’s wrong with the world, Amos says he wants to “get positive picture stories into mainstream media.”

“After near constant travel through 67 countries I’ve seen almost nothing but kindness, decency and beauty,” he tells on his bio. “I have enormous respect for photojournalists working in conflict areas, but I believe there’s much we haven’t lost or destroyed which warrants an honest, non-commercial representation in news media.”

He enjoys doing such a unique take on photography that even the BBC took notice. Here’s an interview and news feature about it:

“Today, the brief but glorious Golden Age of aerial drone photography in cities and places like these is drawing to a close forever,” Amos says. “I’m incredibly glad that I made use of this time to photograph these places from angles that would no longer even be legal today.”

Here are just a few of his breathtaking shots!









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For more information about his photography, check out Amos’s website or like his Facebook page.

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