If you were at the first Art Social event I curated, called the Summer Night Art Social at Disconnected Salon, then you’re probably already familiar with Emily Criscuolo and her Black Wolff leather creations. We also featured her in TAE magazine, so she’s no stranger to most TAE blog readers.

I’m proud to say she’ll be again part of my next free Art Social event, this time it’s at Quality Social along 6th Ave. If you’re in the San Diego area, check out her stuff on Thursday next week, the 16th. There will also be a bunch of other artists I’ll be featuring in the next few days.

Native to San Diego, Emily has always been inspired by everything around her. Drawing from the creativity in fashion and culture in the area, she says she loves photography, DIY projects, leather, vintage style, and painting using different mediums such as oil, watercolor and acrylic.

“I am constantly keeping my hands busy and being creative as often as possible!” she says on her website. As such, her creative juices mixed with a lot of hard work have paid off. She became a stylist where she was able to develop and improve artistic expression. Today you can see her work everywhere, whether they are her paintings or her leather goods.

Of course, her take on leather is as artistic as artistic can get. There are no two pieces of her creations that are the same, so you’re sure to have a truly unique piece whenever you buy from her. She usually blends fringes, beads, or other types of art and color that would look great against a beautifully-cut piece of leather.

Emily is a self-taught handmade leather enthusiast as well, which came from her interest in having one-of-a-kind handbags. She spends a lot of time in her creations, usually featuring artwork that she created as well. She also loves to mix materials along with the leather, and often lines bags with vintage fabric. She also does leather-based accessories like vests.

You can get a custom purse from Emily through her website, or you can hang out at the Art Social event and talk to her in person! Here are just some of her creations, which I hope are enough to entice you into joining our event at Qualty Social!












For more of Emily’s leather goods and paintings, visit her website.

Thanks for reading!