Ocean and wildlife photographer Matty Smith shows an entirely different world underwater with his shots of marine life with his camera half-submerged. Passionate about anything water-related, Matty often dives or snorkels and takes his camera with him.

“I have always had an attraction to the water and the tricks it plays on light for as long as I can remember,” the artist explains via his website. Born in the UK but now based in Wollongong, NSW in Australia, Matty calls the Pacific Ocean “the world’s biggest playground” and says he has “fallen truly in love with it.”

Not a lot of people would easily realize how different it is above the water’s surface and what magical parallel universe belongs underneath. The photographer explains his fascination with what became his signature style even further:

“For me one of the most wondrous parts of any dive is the moment that the water engulfs my mask as my head slips below the surface. I think it’s the suspense of the unknown of what lies beneath, the transitional part of moving from one element to the next that feels so magical and the thought of what alien creatures I might encounter.”

The Multi International Award Winning Nature Photographer concludes that the half-underwater images are the best way to let non-divers know what it’s all about. The dichotomous images marry the wet and dry, the unfamiliar and the familiar, Matty uses his Nikon camera and a lot of careful planning to create such wonderful pictures many never even imagined seeing.







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Check out Matty’s website for more of his phenomenal images, and you may even purchase some prints from him there as well. He also has a Facebook and Instagram if you’d rather connect via social media.

All images are by and from the artist.

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