A couple of months ago, we featured Hannah Rothstein’s Thanksgiving tribute to artists, with how she thinks famous artists would arrange their dinner plates on this most American of occasions. The San Francisco local has done it yet again, this time injecting humor into some of the world’s most famous photographs.

Her work this time around gives new meaning to the phrase, “think outside the box,” as she demonstrates what it could probably be like outside the frames of these five photographs. In partnership with Udemy, Hannah allows the pictures’ viewers to ponder what could be the stories behind each of the images, and what we could even learn from them!

Ansel Adams had a bit of help from his biggest fan.

Takeaway: Look for the unusual and don’t be afraid to capture it. Sometimes, all you need is an angle change, but fun stuff like this happening in nature wouldn’t be so bad either.


Why did The Beatles Cross the road? To get to the hotdog stand at the other side.

Takeaway: Look for patterns and have some fun with the whimsical. It adds interest and striking imagery to a picture.


Audrey Hepburn would have been on Facebook as much as you and I.

Takeaway: Portraits aren’t always easy to do, but make sure to focus on the face, keeping the head on the top of the frame and allowing people to focus on the person’s gorgeous face.


Dali does devious deeds.

Takeaway: In line with the previous point, the photographer who took this shot of Salvador Dali wasted no space – he claimed the whole frame allowing for a shot that really grabs attention.


Swimming from the sharks!

Takeaway: Keep the background as basic as you possibly can without being boring. This allows for people to focus on the subject, rather than giving their attention towards a busy albeit less interesting background.


If you enjoyed these, head on over to Udemy’s post on How to Shoot Like the Pros to learn more. A special shoutout to Alex Bankoff for collaborating with us at TAE for this post!

Thanks for reading!