This set of digital paintings comes from British freelance artist Daniel Conway. He graduated from Dundee University in Scotland, creates stunning conceptual digital art that grabbed the attention of high-profile clients such as Activision, Universal Records, and Disney London. Most notably, and not too long ago, British alternative rock band Fightstar also commissioned him to do album art for their records and singles.

In an interview, Daniel once said he had a “fascination with finding beauty amongst chaos.” This is probably the reason a lot of his works are surreal concept images, pairing traditional techniques with the digital medium, heavily influenced (but not dominated) by Japanese manga. He cites inspiration from how Japanese animation pay a lot of attention to detail.

Some of his works are breathtakingly hyper realistic that it’s hard to believe they’re all done on a computer. He’s also true to his word, as all of his artworks feature intricate details, down to the last pixel. Pretty inspiring!

Scorched earth by Daniel Conway


Spring in the valley by arcipello

Highways - Bionic Commando by Daniel Conway

Glacial Castle by Daniel Conway

The Hangar - Bionic Commando by arcipello

olours in the Dark by Daniel Conway

Here are some of his works used as cover art for Fightstar:

Fightstar - Grand Unification

Fightstar: One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours

Fightstar: Alternate Endings

You can visit his portfolio to see more.

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