ROA is easily one of the most forward thinking street artists today. This Belgian muralist is currently working on a project in Djerba, Tunisia called Djerbahood. Created by Galerie Itinerrance,  and along with approximately 150 participating artists in the open air museum project, ROA took advantage of his week-long tenure of creating art in the village by utilizing the dome-shaped architecture in his art.

Other than doing this project, he normally paints murals of animals that are native to the chosen area. However, for many of his Djerbahood pieces, he painted some quirky characters while building on or around the concept of the semi-spherical shapes on top of buildings. Using his monochromatic spray paint technique, his works are not only easily identifiable but cleverly amusing.

Here are some of his Djerbahood creations that go around the dome shape concept:





You can visit the Djerbahood website to keep updated on the project, or check out his Tumblr for his other works.

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