We haven’t featured street art in a while here on TAE, so it’s about time we do so again. Usually we show street artists globetrotting and leaving their mark any other place in the world but their home. However, this time it’s an artist in their home land – Millo’s murals grace the walls of Italy in his latest series.

Sure, his work can also be seen in places like Paris, London, Luxemburg and Rio de Janeiro, nothing really beats home. Last year, Millo even won the B.Art competition, which allowed him to paint over a dozen amazing murals in the city of Turin.

Born Francesco Camillo Giorgino, he paints large-scale murals that feature affectionate creatures hanging out in their own urban worlds. The paintings are usually line art in black and white, with the occasional dashes of color here and there. Simplicity, for him, is key to effective artworks.

If you see a pattern in a lot of his latest works, showcasing not just the loving characters but also a layout of several doodled buildings, it is not a coincidence. He started off as an architecture student! This certainly explains his keen sense of space, allowing him to squeeze maximum detail in whatever large area he’s painting over.

Here are just some of his works, but you can head over to his home page or social media accounts for a lot more!













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