1. Carmen Chan’s 2014, “ART CLUTCH” is an unconventional bag. Each clutch is a unique piece of art, made of hand painted acrylic painting and protective coating on fabric. Designed by the internationally-acclaimed accessory designer,  Chan’s Carry Art is a collaborative project with Hong Kong artist Ryan San and art platform ART ONE.

Boticca: "The Pearly"

Boticca: “The Pearly”

2. Boticca’s “Pearly” is a modern take on undiscovered ocean treasure. Considered one of Boticca’s first and most iconic staple pieces, the embossed clutch, priced at $300 is made from stainless steel and pearl shells.


Charlotte Olympia's "Pandora Feather Clutch"

Charlotte Olympia’s “Pandora Feather Clutch”

3. Charlotte Olympia’s “Pandora Feather” is an adorable box clutch featuring delicate inlaid feathers. The clear-cased lucite style plays into a peek-a-book trend while still offering a little bit of privacy for your bag’s contents.


Mawi's "Silver Double Glitter Clutch"

Mawi’s “Silver Double Glitter Clutch”


Mawi's "Sapphire Glitter Clutch"

Mawi’s “Sapphire Glitter Clutch”

4. Mawi’s “Glitter Bug” is a bejeweled single or double clutch with silver, gold, green, pink or black base each embellished with different beads, gems and tubes, and closed with a neon color zip. Founder and designer Mawi was born in Manipur, Northeast India. Her eclectic designs are inspired from a lifetime of travel to continents and cultures across the globe.


Thale Blanc's "Gold Orchid" (Black / White)

Thale Blanc’s “Gold Orchid” (Black / White)

Thale Blanc's "Gold Orchid"

Thale Blanc’s “Gold Orchid”

5. Thale Blanc’s “Gold Orchid” feels more like the main attraction rather than just an accessory. This Fall 2014 design features gold orchids-hand cast as handles giving this piece an art worthy display.


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