We have a bit of a soft spot for hyperrealists here at TAE, having featured many artists in that genre before: Georgina Kreutzer, Monica Lee, Marcello Barenghi, Zaria Forman, and Rubén Belloso Adorna, to name a few.

A few weeks ago, if you follow our Instagram feed, I posted about yet another hyperrealist named Kamalky Laureano. Born in the Dominican Republic, Kamalky is now based in Mexico City. I was impressed by how much detail he’s able to fit into a portrait using acrylic on canvas! I did some digging, and found out a little bit more about this remarkable talent.

On his bio, it reads: “My work is motivated by my feelings toward how I experience my life. Art is communication. It is the conscious living of the world around us in every second. My subjects captivate me as if they were music and melodies. I feel compelled to listen to them and play back their song the way I hear it. I am inspired by the singer’s face that sings to me every day. “

As far as he can remember, Kamalky has always been into the arts. The first time he realized he could draw was in school, “trying to copy a draw [sic] from another boy.” He later pursued the arts, going to the National School of Fine Arts in the Dominican Republic in 2002, and then the Altos de Chavron in 2004 (located in the Dominican republic but affiliated with New York’s Parsons School of Fashion).

“Art imitate life, therefore it must be alive in all ways,” Kamalky talks of his works, and his view of art in general. Here is a video of him explaining the photorealistic painting process:

Here are some of his jaw-dropping artworks. You may need to take a second, much closer look to believe it’s not a photo but a painting!







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Check out Kamalky’s various pages online for more of his larger-than-life works! Visit his portfolio on Carbonmade and DeviantART, or follow his Instagram and Facebook. He also has more videos on his Youtube channel.

h/t: Fine Art America, Design Wars, Cruzine

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