For those who aren’t aware, The Armory Show is a leading international modern & contemporary art fair in New York City. This year, it goes on from March 5th ‘til the 8th on Piers 92 & 94. So, if you’re from the area or are visiting right now, you can still catch a glimpse of what’s going on!

This year, despite the very unfriendly winter weather that sometimes transforms into borderline normal, The Armory Show continues on. Along Pier 92, you will be able to check out the Modern exhibit, while in Pier 94 you will have a wider selection – Contemporary, as well as Focus: Menam, Armory Presents, and Not for Profits.

For lovers of modern and contemporary art, The Armory Show is a must-see. It’s not your ordinary art fair that screams of dull, often brilliant yet lifeless works that don’t often get a double take. Armory has 199 exhibitors, as well as – brace yourselves – lots of champagne, numerous pop-up restaurants, and random acts that would get people to grab their smart phones to Instagram each passing fun moment.

Led by Noah Horowitz, a budding young and sharp director, The Armory Show is even better than ever before. Following a slump from a few years back, Noah has brought new life into the exhibitions and opening doors to everything worthy of proper attention from an appreciative audience.

Check out some of these quirky and amazing pieces:







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What else would you expect from a place that is a melding pot of various cultures from around the world, anyway? So yes, until tomorrow, March 8th, you can hang out at Piers 92 and 94 from 12 until 7 pm – if you’re not from the area just look for Manhattan’s west side near the Hudson river (Twelfth Ave.) at 55th Street. There’s more information at their website if you are taking mass transit or driving to the place.

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