“Raul is…one of those crazy great people needed in society.”

That’s one way to describe Argentinean artist Raul Lemesoff who drives a 1979 Ford Falcon that has been transformed into a 900 book roving library resembling a military tank.  The symbolic tank has been all over the country, giving away books and spreading the word of peace.

Featured in 7UP’s celebrate #feelsgoodtobeyou campaign, many of Lemesoff’s family and friends weren’t quite sure what the unique man was building. Knowing he is bit of wild card – rumors spread he was building everything from a submarine to a spaceship.

Finally after months of anticipation – it was revealed Lemesoff was indeed building – a weapon.

Fortunately, the message he has to share with the world is both ironic and heart-warming.

“My missions are very dangerous – I attack people in a very nice and fun way,” the eccentric creator said. “Books open your mind. You can have a free book – if you promise to read it”.

Click here for more photo’s of Lemesoff’s “Weapon of Mass Instruction” journey.

[vimeo 121231152 w=500 h=281]

7UP celebrates #FeelsGoodToBeYou campaign with raul lemesoff’s ‘weapons of mass instruction’ from designboom on Vimeo.






Featured Photo: sgbasu.co

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