Got to leave it to artists to make use of what’s in the environment… That’s exactly what anonymous street artist Faust did in the middle of the crazy winter the East coast has been experiencing in days of late.

The mysterious Faust did some snow script, mostly on snow-covered cars, an art form that combines calligraphy and street art. Rather than graffiti using permanent mediums, he has been utilizing the massive amounts of white flakes on smooth vehicle surfaces (mostly on wind screens and windows, but hoods have not yet been safe from his beautiful penmanship).

If you’re based in New York or have been visiting during winter in the last 4 years, this probably isn’t major news. Still, his work is both gorgeous to look at albeit temporary, and the quotes are cleverly chosen – phrases like “Cold as ice” or “Let it go” from Frozen, just to name a few.

Anyone literally could draw on snow-covered cars, so why does Faust do this, then? “I believe everyone has an affinity for writing in the snow as a child. When most people grow up they lose the urge. I guess I just haven’t been able to shake it,” he explains.

However, don’t get it wrong. Faust doesn’t just write on snow for kicks or tag up the streets of New York for no reason – he has already won many prestigious art awards and has worked for big labels like Nike and Faberge.










Visit Faust’s website or Instagram to get inspired! Have you spotted any of his latest works yet?

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