The Netherlands showcases their majestic flowers each year in the Corso Zundert annual flower parade. This year, their giant floats made up of thousands upon thousands of dahlias paid tribute to one of the greatest post-impressionist painters Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh was born in Zundert, and so this year the region honors him by taking inspiration from his palette, motifs and imagery, as well as direct tributes to some of his self-portraits.

Corso Zundert began in 1936 to celebrate the region’s standing as the world’s leading supplier of dahlias, with an area spanning 33 hectares (81 acres) with 50 different dahlia species totaling to as much as much as 600,000 individual dahlia bulbs. Now that’s fascinating!

When the annual parade began nearly a century ago, the floats were just bicycles or horse-drawn carts covered and adorned with the flowers. This has continued to get bigger and more flamboyant as each year passes, with floats today becoming as creative as ever, and has even turned into a bit of friendly competition among the participants.

Here are some highlights:






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You can visit the official Corso Zundert website for more pictures and info.

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h/t: Colossal, BN DeStem

Pictures by: Werner Pellis, Malou Evers, Joyce van Belkom, Erwin Marten