It wasn’t enough for Ukrainian model Ana Kuni to establish herself in the world of fashion by the age of 15. Her passion for the arts far surpassed the image she saw reflected through the camera lens. Today, at the age of 29, she has nestled into a small painting studio off the shores of Cape Town, South Africa. With her modeling career in the rear view mirror, she’s turned to another form of expression through fashion and wildlife portraits. Proceeds from her latest series “The Wild Life” collection have been donated to various animal protection charities to raise awareness and funds for local endangered species in South Africa.
It’s easy to see how she pulls inspiration from her surroundings, being so close to both the mountains and the ocean with a vivid understanding of the fashion industry. Her recent artwork is bright, free and booming with feminine undertones.
In her recent bio she writes, “My art is part of me. There are layers of mistakes suddenly turned into perfection with one last brush stroke. It’s pure emotion mixed with rainbow colors turned into portraits of wild creatures.”
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Photo: @closetclique

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