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John Thackwray, a photographer and filmmaker, has been traveling the world since 2010. The French and South African has photographed over a thousand(!) young people in the middle of their bedrooms, in an showcase of the millennial lifestyle.

Featuring people of varying backgrounds, what links them all together is the range of the year they were born – 1980s and 1990s. Beginning with Thackwray’s own flatmate in Paris, the bedroom project called “My Room” has spanned 55 countries in nearly all continents. It’s a photography project that takes a lot of commitment, money, effort, and talent, and we commend him for doing it!

In an interview with Quartz, he discussed his doubts and fears while working on the project. “I was starting to think that if I don’t get those shots, no one will see them, because the world is changing really fast,” he confessed. “I guess in twenty years the photos will be extremely precious.”

All these photos will be part of his upcoming photo book, “My Room: Portrait of a Generation.” All images will have a matching interview he conducted, trying to find what makes that person tick. The interviews will delve into personal details such as what has shaped that millennial’s life significantly.

“I’m trying to do a big story in a small one,” he revealed. “Each person has their own story and they can talk about something that is wider and more universal.” For example, a woman from Iran shared why she embraces traditional values, while a Japanese woman has an opinion on dress codes, and an Indian discusses adoption. Basically, anything goes.

Using the power of social media and his personal connections, Thackwray finds his subjects and spends time with them before taking the shot. He says that everything is different, and each photo has its own story. In another interview, with Huffington Post, he said, “I was impressed by spiritually in India, the hospitality in Russia and the craziness of the Japanese lifestyle.”

Certainly, all photos differ and taking a look at them will take you on an adventure. A lot of photos are available on the artist’s website to give you a taste of what the project will bring, and here are some of our favorites, including a lot of art-related living spaces!

Andreea, 24, Civil Engineer (Bucharest, Romania)

Derek, 30, Movie Director (Paris, France)

Élahé, 29, Painter (Téhéran, Iran)

Maja, 22, Architect Student (Berlin, Germany)

Maleeq, 28, Entertainer (New York, United States)

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Joseph, 30, Artist (Paris, France)

Pema, 22, Buddhism Student (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Dongzhe, 25, Designer (Beijing, China)

Ben, 22, Movie Student (Dallas, United States)

Ryoko, 25, IT Engineer (Tokyo, Japan)

All photos are by John Thackwray and will appear on the book, which is available for pre-order through the artist’s website:

It will be released by the end of this year. If you like the work, support the artist however you can.

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