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Our friends at JUSTKIDS recently invited us to “Amorfo” – a solo show by Ana Maria (also known as Ana Marietta) in Puerto Rico. While we couldn’t attend, we couldn’t be more pleased to tell you guys about it. We would have sooner, but the site ran into some issues. Now we’re back, we want to share a bit more about it.

Born and raised in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, Ana María is an amazing visual artist based in Houston, Texas. Her distinctive style often depicts humanoid creatures and other interesting beings that made it from her imagination and onto various media, usually via an arsenal of acrylic paint. In her artist statement she writes:

I play with organisms to create characters that can deprive of live at the minimal or inexistent provocation but they choose to stay still, they choose peace, that is, in my believe, a superior Virtue.

In my imagination, different dimensions of life and time collide to create characters with mixed phenotypes, animal and human, functioning parallel to a story that I feel, from anger, melancholy or love, every second I spend on the process… but only the spectator can tell.

Having been featured in various art festivals around the world, including Rise Above / Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, Nevada, Art Rua in Brazil, and Santurce es Ley in Puerto Rico, we’re pretty sure there’s no stopping this lovely and talented lady from taking over the art world by storm.



Having painted all over the world over the past 4 years, we aren’t surprise that her solo show Amorfo is something that’s created a buzz recently. Amorfo (Spanish for “amorphous”) is a collection of some of Ana Marias’s works that are bound to touch at least some part of one’s humanity.


While she’s probably most popular for her murals, the solo show also features her exploring acrylic on canvas and even graphite on Bristol paper. Here are some of her works:

La Partida II (2016) / Acrylic on canvas / 40” X 60”


Mi Camomila (2016) / Acrylic on canvas / 40” X 24”


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Soneto (2016) / Acrylic on canvas / 55” X 78”


Conejo (2016) / Graphite on Bristol Paper / 9” x 9”


The exhibition’s opening reception was held December 15, and will continue to be displayed until the 30th – the JUSTKIDS pop-up gallery is open every day so check it out while you can!

JUSTKIDS pop-up gallery, 201 Calle Cristo, Old San Juan

Open to the public from December 16th to 30th – Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM

For more info about the artist:


Twitter: @anamarietta


Information and images granted to us by Eva Wang. All artworks are by Ana Maria.

Thanks for reading!

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