Tattoos are pretty big right now, as more and more people are being more open to the gorgeous art form of inking one’s skin. We recently found out about this artist based in Philly – Paul Acker. He’s pretty known not just in Pennsylvania but pretty much anywhere, especially for fans of horror pop culture.

He has been tattooing for the past 15 years, and his signature style is “horror color realism.” As long as what you want is horror-related, or you want one of a TV/movie character, Paul is your man. His shop Deep Six Tattoo is pretty well-known in the area as well, and some of his other tattoo artists also do portraits.

Why do horror portraits as tattoos? Paul has always loved drawing, and this was adjacent to his love of horror movies and comics – it was such an influence that by high school he started to formally learn painting, drawing and sculpting on top of his regular schooling.

He’s a well-respected tattoo artist now, but his humble beginnings were pretty rad as well – he was discovered when he was tattooing another artist, who was then impressed and offered Paul a job while he was just 18. The rest, as they say, is history.

Here are short clips of Paul doing what he loves and does best:

Here are amazing images of some of what he’s created! See if you recognize any of the characters:







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All artwork and images are by the artist. To book your appointment, check out Deep Six Tattoo’s website. You can also follow Paul Acker in social media via his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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