I recently discovered a female muralist and illustrator named Anat Ronen, and I’m so in love with her works! Based in Houston, Anat is a self-represented, self-taught artist who came all the way from Israel.

What I love about her story is that she used to come from the corporate world, previously working administrative jobs. A shift in careers meant she had to leave that behind so she could pursue her art, and yet she went for it! It’s such an inspiration – I think that no matter how “crazy” it seems, people should follow their passion like she did.

So by 2009, she was able to complete her first major large-scale project, which consisted of four murals on Galveston Causeway. Each mural was about 90 feet long, which is quite a feat in itself if you ask me. But check this out: after that project, she has been able to finish about 400 or so murals in various places. Whether it’s in public like schools, highways, commercial spots, and churches, or in private such as various homes all over Houston and elsewhere, Anat’s work speaks to many.

Some of her murals are there to send a message, while others are homages to famous paintings. Still, there are others that basically prettify a place. “Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, and as such, has many walls and spaces that need a little enhancement. Paint is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to spruce up a space, and I try to do that every now and then, when the commissions allow me some playing,” she explained on her website.

Here are some of Anat’s amazing art:












Visit her website to keep tabs on where she’ll be appearing or showcasing her art next.

Thanks for reading!