I was looking online for some print design inspiration when a light bulb moment hit me: why not try designing business cards even more creatively? Surely there has to be more than just the typical name + contact info + company logo. So after a bit of intensive searching, I found a company called Jukebox Print which uses some really cool materials and styles.

What I like about their stuff is that they prove that print is not limited – they have options like getting certain parts of a card embossed without ink as opposed to the heavy use of ink and colors. Or, they also have some “debossed” cards which essentially look like words or images are engraved. The end results are stunning, especially when they do the effect on images like cupcakes.

As if that wasn’t enough, I felt really challenged when I saw the different materials they work with. As someone who dabbles in a similar art form, I was super inspired when I saw a company like them provides environmentally friendly options. Especially since right now, I’ve been on a couple of nature-inspired road trips, my love for nature keeps growing and it warms my heart to know that print graphic design doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for the environment.

Other stuff that impressed me are cards made out of odd stuff like wood, cork, bamboo, and many other things. If that won’t spark your creative juices, I don’t know what will. I know it surely got my ideas flowing! Without further ado, here are some of the best designs from Jukebox Print that I really love, for your creative printing inspiration:












If these design inspirations aren’t enough, you can see more from their website.

Thanks for reading!