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You know how we love the surreal here at The Art Elephant, and we recently discovered artist Christoffer Relander who does an amazing job at it. Born in Finland in 1986, the Marines-turned-photographer blew us away with his current project “Jarred and Displaced.”

While Christoffer already had an interest in art when he was younger, it was during his time serving the Finnish Marines (around 2008-2009) when he finally “fell in love with photography.” In his bio, he describes, “My goal as an artist is to be true to who I am, and aim to create art that will stay around for its good cause.”

His most recent and ongoing project is also his first installment. For the past year or so, he has been collecting photos of landscapes and figuratively puts them inside jars via analog double exposures. “In this project I have realized a childish dream,” he describes on the project’s page.

“I play with the idea of being an ambitious collector; conserving my environments into a large personal collection,” he says. “Most landscapes are from where I grew up, on the countryside in the south of Finland, where my roots still lie. Separation anxiety to my childhood is simply what absorbed me into this project.”

What’s amazing about these double exposures he’s created for this project in particular is that he did it all on his camera – nothing was manipulated on any software. “All double exposures are shot on medium format film that I develop and scan myself,” he explained on the project’s page. “I print pigment prints on museum quality paper, these are available in limited editions.”

Because these images are purely analog and were not post-processed, you can look closely at some of the images and see parts of the landscapes not completely hidden inside just the jars – some parts would tend to extend over into the whitespace, which in our opinion here at TAE is fine. Just doing this all on film is impressive all on its own! After all, how many people today still work on film willingly and amazingly?

Check out this short film by Anders Lönnfeldt below, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at Christoffer’s work:

Christoffer currently works as a full-time photographer, having done personal work and commissions for various clients including Adobe, Nikon, Oxford University Press and the Finnish Forest Industry. “As a photographer I am captivated to explore the world through a filter. Life can be beautiful, but the imagined always absorbs me,” he writes on his bio.

Since his first camera purchase in 2009, Christoffer hasn’t really stopped taking photos. In an interview with Nikon, he said, “I literally photographed everything I could think of, I never left my camera at home. It wasn’t just what I photographed that was so enticing. I also enjoyed experimenting with different kinds of techniques.”

Having worked on photography professionally for over five years, this new project breathed new life and interest in his passion. “There was a point it felt like it’s time to move on,” he told Peta Pixel in an interview. “But instead I started to do it on film, this made the process much more fun and exciting to me.”








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For more information about the artist:

Official Website:
Instagram: @christofferrelander
Facebook: Christoffer Relander Photography
Twitter: @ChrisRelander
Behance: fetmano

h/t: Peta Pixel, Colossal, Behance, Christoffer Relander, Nikon

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