Not too long ago, we featured Swig Miller and his Kickstarter project for Akle’ the dragon. The artist’s 50-foot tall project for Burning Man was successfully backed, amounting well over the $5000 target amount. Last we caught up with the artist, he was in the middle of completing the project.

In case you didn’t know, the massive art installation was created for this year’s Burning Man Festival in Nevada, for which the theme was Carnival of Mirrors. Located in the Black Rock Desert, Burning Man stole peoples’ hearts last September, being a successful and sold-out event gathering around 70,000 people from many corners of the world.

To refresh your memory, here are pictures from when Akle’ was being completed:






The reason this huge piece of art is so special to Swig is that his dog Elka fell sick shortly after the artist started this project. Taking inspiration from the fact that ‘dog’ spelled backwards is ‘god,’ he reversed Elka and thus Akle’ was born.

“In a sense, Akle’ is a small piece of god, which I find interesting because I’ve come to the belief that I see dragons as some people may see angels, as ambassadors to the spirit realm,” he said in our previous feature.

Swig reached out to us recently, giving us a few photos of how Akle’ the dragon finally looked like. Pictures courtesy of the artist, as well as Christopher Filkins, Peter, Electric Foxtail, and an anonymous photographer (if the final image is yours, do let us know!)






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