I’m a huge fan of good advertising. It’s a combination of graphic design, photography, and creating awareness, all of which are art forms within themselves. I went browsing online and found a lot of interesting ads from all across the States, and have narrowed it down to a few worth a second look.

Here are some of the best ad campaigns from around the country this year so far. Some are humorous, some are simplistic, and some are just downright clever. Take a look and see which is your fav, and see what pointers you can get from their shining examples:

Rubbermaid Yellow Gloves: Made to Do What Hands Wouldn’t

Created by Miami Ad School, this ad is just one of the few funny ads they’ve created. All in the name of their yellow gloves, the rubber moguls will surely get the attention of everybody with their humor-filled, eye-catching creations for print.


Huggies: Messy Thoughts

We know Huggies have some of the wittiest ads ever, whether on screen or off. Their print ads are no exception, as they do it again with their Messy Thoughts campaign. Created by Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago, this series promotes *drumroll* inspiration! The tagline is, “When Inspiration Strikes.”


Colgate-Palmolive Protex: Invisible Antibacterial Barrier

So we all know how huge a brand Colgate-Palmolive is, but the people of Red Fuse in New York along with Y&R in Bogota, Colombia don’t seem to mind. Their creative series for Protex Soap take the “invisible antibacterial barrier” line a little too literally, and the result is pure genius!


Book Culture: Imagination Got There First

Our friends at Y&R in New York are at it again, and this time they’ve created ads that combine old pictures with classic books. The outcome is really interesting, merging black and white, classic-looking photographs that represent a book, with the tagline “Imagination Got There First” in mind.


Coca-Cola: Plants Make Us Happy

Ogilvy & Mather in New York use the classic red and white combo to create minimalist posters that speak more than just “hey, buy our product.” This time, their “Plants Make Us Happy” series create awareness about the company’s concern for the environment, as in the example below: