Previously, we’ve featured the amazing and thought-provoking work of Shirin Abedinirad, a Tehran-based fine artist who has done amazing art installations and even videos. In her latest work “The Sky Is Mine,” she uses her signature technique of strategically placing mirrors on the ground to reflect the sky.

This method of hers allows clear and cloudy skies to reflect on the mirrors, creating a contrast against a dark and often near-barren landscape. Created in March of this year, “The Sky Is Mine” takes its name from a quotation by Iranian poet and writer Sohrab Sepehri. It goes, “Where I am, let is be so / The Sky is mine.”

The larger than life installation is part of The Absence of Paths, a project curated by Lina Lazzar for Tunisian Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia. It’s Tunisia’s first national pavilion there since 1958

According to the project’s website, The Absence of Paths is “a human performance staged across Venice which, for the duration of the Biennial, represents an idyllic microcosm of the world: a place where human beings may still flow freely from one nation to the next. This is represented in a physical travel document called a Freesa, produced with the help of Veridos, a leader in producing secure identification papers for countries and companies around the world.”

Shirin discussed her take on the project on her website. She says that the land on which she realizes her dreams is filled with both hope and despair – the mountains get wrecked so that buildings are raised, which allows people to have places to live. It’s ironic, and really touches a meaningful place in the artist’s heart.

On her website she explains, “They cut trees to build roads for the vehicles whose lives are becoming shorter with the passage of time. Every morning on this very land, there is news about the death of dozens of children, animals and humans and each death news howls with hope. On this land, among stony paths and vast deserts, I am seeking a place that would be a window of life full of hope and delight.”

Despite this, she is still hopeful. She says she looks for blue skies against the dark and gloomy clouds, the type of blue that gives hope and freedom away from sad and bitter moments she feels regarding the situation. Through her art, she brings these skies to the ground, figuratively bringing her “dreams from the sky to the land.”

Take a look at the breathtaking scenes below that are reminiscent of a road that reflects the sky above us:




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