Tae is a movement and were calling you to join in! The idea or mission is to discover and share art and creativity with the world, forever inspiring others to do what they love. The more we are able to discover, photograph, document, and blog/write about, the closer we are to our goal of inspiring the world. We want everyone to live life full of creativity and enjoying each day truly inspired to achieve the unimaginable. We want you to travel, explore, and be creative. TAE was Founded in 2013 and since then has quickly transformed into an online publication and your daily source of all things inspiring.




Creator + Editor In Chief + Creative Director + Pho-
tographer + Blogger

Launching an online publication is never easy, but passion projects seem to be Chantelle’s “thing”. She believes that if you absolutely LOVE what you do 150%, then everything in life falls in place, after a little hard work of course. Chantelle has an extensive background in graphic design and photography which makes TAE all the more intresting. She travels the world looking for people to be part of the TAE movement.


Fashion Designer + Journalist

Tara Johnson aka Tajlyn comes with a strong background in fashion design, creative writing, and journalism. Her focus with TAE is to bring a new element to the mix by incorporating the TAE movement with fashion. In each issues of TAE Magazine there will be an “Where Art Meets Fashion” section as well as blog posts throughout the month to keep up with the latest trends.

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