It’s time to post some more stateside art, and this time it’s all about photographer Mike Meyers from Chicago, Illinois. Little is known about this artist, other than he uses Sony cameras (specifically models a7rii and a6000) and a DJI Phantom 4 drone, and that the Windy City is the place he calls home.

With over 23k followers on Instagram, Mike is quite the social media celebrity. He’s known for his stunning use of color and composition on landscape, portrait, and most recently, street photography. Self-taught, the artist has conquered urban photography on so many levels.

It might even take you a few second glances before you believe these works of art he creates through mixing photography and digital editing are actually real. We bet you’ve never seen Chicago this way before! It’s gloomy and dark, but altogether gorgeous.

You could even say that from his perspective the city looks like urban decay at times, but still beautiful. Photos of skyscrapers piercing the clouds are elegant and haunting. On his Photographer Central page he explains that he enjoys taking photos of nearly everything, even though most of his work focuses on architecture.

“Living in Chicago, it’s easy to fall in love with the tremendous architecture we have here, and you’ll find my passion for it reflected in many of my shots,” he explained. “While many of the landmark locations in my photography may be familiar to you, I try to bring a fresh perspective of some kind into each of my shots.”







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For more info about the artist, check out his Instragram @mmeyers76.

You can also buy prints at his Zen Folio page.

h/t: Colossal, Arch Atlas, Photographer Central

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