There’s a different kind of street art going on right now, and it’s probably the last thing you’d expect. Urban X Stitch, a French street art duo (whose names I can only get are Vanessa and Stéphane), decorate blandly ordinary chain-link fences all over public city streets with bright and colorful cross-stitched characters and designs.

There’s really not much you can find about them online, except for maybe the occasional Facebook posts and a few interviews in French (anybody want to translate for us at TAE?). I think the mystery that surrounds these two is rather fascinating, and I’d love to interview them should I get the chance.

Their works are very eye-catching, filled with bright colors you’d normally find in an everyday embroidered cloth. The pair, based from Lyon, always carefully plan out each street artwork they create. They start with a normal-sized cross-stitch pattern which they then apply onto whichever fences they happen to choose. Instead of thread, they use pieces of fabric to create the crosses or Xs around the fences to form their brand of pixel art.

I think the reason their works are so refreshing is that not only are they different in style, but their designs are delightful to look at. Here are some of their works:











If you want to stay updated with their latest works, like their Facebook page.

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