That’s how the story starts for fashion label “Concurata” founders: George Gorrow, art gallery owner , George Benias and graffiti artist, Bast.

“The conversation moved to fashion and how the existing link between art and fashion is tired, and how we could do it differently,” Gorrow said in a recent interview with

It took the trio about a year to launch Cocurata, described as a “space-meets-atelier-meets-fashion” exhibition. The collection was introduced in New York City in 2014 as a form of expression beyond the walls of the traditional gallery format; becoming a permanent interchange between artist and fashion house.

Each year, the fashion label will feature a new artist. The first team of collaborations will include Bast, street artist Paul Insect and painter / filmmaker Rostarr.  Every artist is given the opportunity to influence the creative process from prints to shape, texture and even fabric choice.

According to Gorrow, the pieces are coordinated to be mixed and matched. For example Rostarr’s abstract portraits can easily be paired with Bast’s signature black and white calligraphy prints. Many of the selected artists originate from a street art background. Throughout the collection there is an obvious vibe and connection among all parties involved in the creative process.

Sleek, street smart, innovative and eye catching – this collection is no joke.

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