The Pillars Project is a massive outdoor gallery located in South Brisbane, Australia. Featuring 8 artists painting on 7 pillars, the street art featured on this stretch of the Queensland Rail’s South Brisbane railway line. Right now, the works of TAE fav Fintan Magee, as well as Simon Degroot, Guido Van Helten, Mik Shida, Gus Eagleton, and Gimiks Born can be seen already.

Each mural these artists paint are a humungous 7 meters high! This is literally an enormous change for the city of Brisbane, since there was a time in the past when such creative endeavors were frowned upon and even criminalized. Now these paintings, with thanks to both Queensland Rail and Brisbane City Council, are here to stay.

Located within Brisbane’s Cultural precinct, each artist so far has already transformed dull gray pillars into vibrant works of art. And interestingly enough, Fintan Magee replicated the mural he did in the Culcural Center that was removed by the very people who are now pushing this project.

The Brisbane City Council got rid of Fintan’s original painting (titled “Flood”) because it was “graffiti” in the eyes of the buff team, even though the artist already had written approval to paint. Now the second coming of the artwork is about five times its original size – and it was, in the first place, created to commemorate the Brisbane floods, so all in all this was a smart move by one of our creative team’s fav street artists.














For more on how The Pillars Project is coming through, check out their website. You can also follow them on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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