TAE lives for amazing graphic designs! One thing about it that makes people gravitate to amazing designs is that they are strikingly beautiful. Some use crazy pops of color everywhere, while others stick to a style where “simpler is better.” No matter what direction you choose, as long as it conveys what you need it to, then you’re golden.

We’re already halfway through the year, so here are a couple of trends in 2014 that have surfaced, for your design inspiration (or just eye candy).

1. KPop Craze
No matter how hard you try to resist, the KPop influence is here to stay. It’s not just in music or fashion, either – it seems to have taken over the art world as well. Here are some fine examples:


2. “Here” Logo
For some reason, everyone now has an obsession of “checking in” to locations, and you have social media to blame (or rather thank) for that. Logos today include the “here” symbol:


3. Line Art
There’s something about clean lines that make a logo both simple and striking at the same time. Minimal in ink and looks, maximum in effect:


4. Hand-Drawn or Painted Graphics
The old-school, crafted look with the use of manual effort is coming back – sometimes the more “serious” type of art can speak volumes:


5. Handwritten Fonts
The same goes for typography. Sure, the clean and mechanical look of fonts past are still beautiful, but there’s something about typography like this mixed with crisp photos that make ads look amazing:


6. Flat Look
We’ve seen the mobile world say goodbye to skeuomorphism (the 3D look) over the past two years, and now so have ads and graphic designs. Say hello to the flat design: