What comes to mind when people mention 3D? Films? Non-traditional? Something else, perhaps? We’ve had our fair share of 3D art here on The Art Elephant, from 3D texts from the likes of Tolga Girgin and Lex Wilson, to 3D street art from artists like Bordalo II, Odeith and Edward Mueller.

However, a new type of 3D art popped up and took us by surprise – when this man’s works of art got our attention, it was never what we expected! Paul McCloskey’s creations are definitely for the books. This painter who hails from Ireland definitely has a style all his own. Born in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan but now based in Gorey Co. Wexford, Ireland, Paul has been painting professionally having earned many art exhibitions to his name.

After attending both the National College of Art and Design (N.C.A.D) Dublin and De Montfort University UK, Paul was also awarded a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Painting (MFA) in 2010. Since then, his artworks have been on display in his home country and worldwide, including the rest of the UK, London, Paris, Venice and New York. He’s even gotten a lot of awards for his art!

Take a look at these paintings and think of what you see:

Awakening Reloaded in Violet. 42cm X 30cm oil on board with gold paint.


Awakening Reloaded blue and gold oil on canvas65cmX65cm


Awakening Reloaded in Blue-green1 oil on board 42cmX30cm


Well, what do you see? Now imagine these paintings in cube form. Perplexing, isn’t it? When asked how he would describe his painting style, Paul responded, “I would say my work is expressionistic, as I’m more concerned with the feeling than representing literally what I see, although often the work is referred to as abstract and it is to a large degree, however the starting point is my surrounding landscape.”

It was great to dive into this man’s mind and know the reason behind his unique 3D style in art, picking his mind for what inspires him in his brand of creativity. He recalls:

“The catalyst for this series came a number of years ago when I had a deep need to understand a series of difficult events that occurred in my life, I discovered great writers such as Eckhart Tolle and his book ‘A New Earth’ and Anthony De Mello ‘Awareness’ among others which greatly inspired me to explore this divine/spiritual side of myself. From here it profoundly changed the narrative of my work and I began exploring this through my paintings. The process became the predominant activity within my work, the allowing of creativity/divinity to work through me and the endeavour to trust this process. The more I allowed the more I silenced my thoughts the more powerful the work became. The 3d works are a series titled ‘The Omega 3d’ they are the third in a series of trilogies, The Alpha, Reloaded and The Omega based on the theme of awakening, the series of three are representative of mind, body and the often neglected spirit. The beginning and the end, they represent for me my journey of self discovery, the divine/spiritual part of the self, the cubes are representative of this divine/spiritual self, being three dimensional they suggest all things in all directions.”

He continues, “The titles of this series are pointers toward a truth but ultimately that’s all I can do as an artist, if the viewer is present when looking at these works they will get something.” How awesome is that? Check out some more of his works, from the Omega 3D series:

THE OMEGA-And I saw a new heaven and a new earth-Oil on Board – 30X30X30 cm


THE OMEGA-At last my thoughts lay silent-Oil on Board – 30X30X30 cm


THE OMEGA-In my heart I have hidden your word-Oil on Board – 30X30X30 cm


THE OMEGA-My eyes hurt as if never used-Oil on Board – 30X30X30 cm


THE OMEGA-No beginning no end-Oil on Board – 30X30X30 cm


THE OMEGA-Through silence you were revealed-Oil on Board – 30X30X30 cm


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As with any other artist out there, we just had to ask Paul what inspired him to create art in the first place – what drives him – which artists did he look up to as he eventually found his own style. “Well it’s always been art for as long as I can remember, it’s in me; it’s something I have to do,” he says.

Looking back, he recalls a few artists that top his list. “I remember visiting the National Gallery in Dublin and coming across the work of the Irish painter Jack Yeats, full of expression and emotion,” he says. “I also love the work of William Turner the British Romantic painter especially the way he could capture the vastness of landscape in tiny works, Mark Rothko although entirely abstract captures a very deep spirituality in his works in particular the Chapel series.”

From looking at galleries back then to now presenting his own work, Paul has gone a long way, as in the photos above. Just recently, he had a solo exhibition in The Alley Arts Centre in Strabane, Northern Ireland of the Omega series. “I hope to show them again next summer,” he enthusiastically mused.

“I have applied for a number of residencies and I’m hopeful of a positive response, I have begun a new series of works and a residency would give me undisturbed focus for a couple of weeks.” For now, here are some of his Omega 3D in exhibition:






If you can’t get enough of Paul’s remarkable works, you can visit his website – www.paulmccloskeyart.com as well as his Facebook and Instagram too, for all the latest news, updates, and even for purchasing his art.

All images and interview quotes courtesy of the artist. Thanks for reading!