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Street Art

daleast is currently a human being and painting walls worldwide.

In DALeast’s bio he describes himself as “currently a human being”. To me he is more than just an “average joe”. He is an incredibly talented street artist who’s style is unique, innovative, and in fact is influencing a change in today’s Street Art Culture. DALeast travels around using the world as his canvas. Some of his most recent 2013 works have been seen in London UK, Tronto Italy, Vienna Austria, Bristol UK, Honolulu Hawaii, and San Fransisco California.

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Mixed Mediums

Orange County Artist Inspired By Rock ‘N’ Roll, Cars, & Girls

Based out of Southern California, Shaunna’s art is inspired by the cars, pin striping and pretty girls from growing up around Orange County Raceway. She also mentioned other inspirations such as old advertisements, antiques, lingerie, toys, and rock n roll, all of them obviously apparent in her work. I noticed her style of painting is unique and consistent, creating a strong brand as an artist, and I love to find talent like this to share with my readers. She has been published in many magazines including Vancouver Magazine…

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