Just last month, 10s Crew of Saigon did the Saigon Sky High Project. Basically, they painted the biggest graffiti mural in Vietnam, as a fundraiser and to grant the birthday wish of “Sahra.”

Although here in the States, graffiti is one of those things that’s been around for years, some parts of the world still have yet to embrace it. That’s why I’m impressed by not only the scale of this mural project but also the conditions the group had to deal with. The scaffolding is rusty, and the bamboo ladders seem less than stable. And yet, they still did it, and did it really well, all for a good cause.

This is inspirational in so many ways, because as I’ve been saying in previous posts, art is transcendent. 10s Crew of Saigon did graffiti in an unfamiliar language, and yet it’s not a barrier for getting appreciated. The finished product looks amazing, whether you speak Vietnamese or not.

Take a look at some of the pictures below to see their process:







Here’s a timelapse video of the project as well:

I hope you enjoyed this mini feature. I’d love to see more work from this group, and from other diverse artists anywhere in the world!

Pictures taken from their Facebook page. Thanks for reading!